The Teams feature can be used for organizations that have multiple groups using the same dashboard. Teams can be multiple brands using the same corporate dashboard, or can be regional divisions of a single brand -- or any other team structure that works for you. Teams affect reporting, the ledger (billing), and email.

What Teams Are

  • Teams are a way to organize your dashboard administrators and assets, like campaigns, lists, and email correspondence.
  • Teams help control email correspondence; messages sent from one team can use a different email address than messages from another team.
  • Teams are connected to the billing and credits system; teams can have their own budgets for campaigns.
  • Teams visually filter and organize dashboard assets like campaigns, lists, and emails.
  • In a future update, reports can be generated by team rather than for the entire dashboard.

What Teams Are Not

  • Teams do not affect permissions in any way. An admin in your dashboard with permission to read emails can read any team's messages.

Creating and Managing Teams

To create or update Teams, go to Settings / Teams. Click "Create Team" to give the Team a name:


Once you set a name, you can create a team-specific email address. If you do not create a team-specific email address, the general dashboard email will apply. To create an email address for your team, click the gear icon in the Team Email column:


To add admins to the team, click "Manage Users". You can add anybody who is designated as an admin to the team.


Teams and Campaigns

There are three ways teams are used for campaigns:

  • A campaign can be added to multiple teams for filtering/reporting purposes.
  • A campaign can use one single team for billing purposes.
  • A campaign can use one single team for email purposes.

Billable Team and Team Emails

You can assign campaigns to Teams from the campaign settings page. You must set both the email and the billing team. If you do not set these, they will default to the general channel.


If you choose a team under the "Email Address" setting, that team's email address will be used for all automated creator emails for that campaign.


If you choose a team under the "Bill to Team" option, any credits paid out to creators in that campaign will be charged against that team's credit balance.

Be sure to click the "Save this Section" button after making any changes to these settings.


Teams for Reporting

While only one team can be used per-campaign for email and billing purposes, you can add any number of teams to a campaign for reporting purposes. To add multiple teams to a campaign, visit the main Campaigns page and click either an existing team name in the campaigns table, or if none exists, click the "Add a Team" icon.