Creator Platform Acct Management Overview


Before launching a Creator Platform program, it’s essential to determine roles & goals: who will be the community manager, who has final say on content, your goals, KPIs, etc. Clearly defining at this stage will make it much easier to execute a successful ongoing program that influencers want to participate in.

The main points of contact are:

  • Brand Executive Contact
    • Quarterly Business Reviews & Strategy sessions, Contracts, Payment
  • Brand Community Manager
    • 40 hrs /month, ongoing, to review/moderate posts, manage logistics, etc as defined below
  • Account Manager
    • 10 hrs /month, ongoing, assisting the client Community Manager in training, campaign strategy & setup

Creator Platform Monthly Hour Commitments

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Account Manager

Acct Mgmt & Strategy

  • Regular account maintenance, tactics, training & strategy calls
  • Quarterly Business Review – either in person or via conference call.
  • Look for sponsored campaigns or partnerships to expand reach
  • Strategize upcoming campaigns to engage influencers (editorial calendar)



Influencer Recruiting

  • Review & score new inbound influencers; applicants, TalentSpider suggestions
  • Search & invite influencer candidates




  • Setup new campaigns & invite influencers
  • Review & respond to inbound questions from influencers
  • Send product, fulfill coupon codes, connect with fulfillment ctr, etc to fulfill campaign logistics as-needed



Content Moderation

  • Review, score & triage incoming content
  • Share top posts on owned channels/social media/paid ads to promote and reward influencers




  • Review metrics, export & share reports
  • Identify top influencers and future campaign ideas based  



Total Timeline:





Additional time will be required for all parties during the initial 8-week implementation/onboarding period. This period will be utilized for systems setup, any needed implementation customization, training, recruiting/importing of the initial network, setting goals/KPIs, creating an initial set of campaigns, customizing any needed templates, workflows and other collateral for the program.

Account Management

Our multilingual account management team is based in New York City. A customer success team will be dedicated to the each brand. These persons will be in charge of the success of your Creator Platform programs.

  • Discuss the overall relationship management and execution of your strategy, as well as the implementation plan for the specific campaigns that you will run. We can advise on best practices through webinars or workshops. Your Account Manager will also be available to help analyze metrics, provide strategic guidance, updates and recommendations
  • Oversee the onboarding, training success of your Creator Network, campaigns & integrations
  • Full time support around technical inquiries and unlimited access to Customer Knowledge Base