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Managing Activations

Now that you’ve activated influencers for your campaign it’s time to get into the workflow. Although your workflow may differ here’s our standard workflow for a campaign with product gifting:

  • Activate and simultaneously add Compensation if any
  • Added to Campaign > Invite
  • Influencer Accepts/Declines **
  • Complete Profile > Product Shipped
  • Product Shipped > Write a Post
  • Post Submitted > Payment Information Request
  • Payment Details Submitted > Generate Invoice
  • Completed

> Indicates you must advance the influencer once they reach this stage

As explained in earlier documentation, the process of adding an influencer to a campaign is part of the Activation process. Once a user is at the "Added to Campaign" step of the workflow, you will want to move them forward to the "Invitation" step:


If you'd like to update the payment amount or other information is required, a prompt will appear before the invitation is actually sent. Enter an amount for monetary compensation or you can also leave this field blank if compensation is based on another method such as gifting. When finished updating, hit enter and the information will be saved.


Now the influencer has officially been invited or "activated" into the campaign. The invite will include a custom link for them to review the full offer in the campaign dashboard. The offer will include compensation, if any has been added. From the dashboard the influencer can review the full campaign request and accept or decline the offer. Below is an example of what one of these invitations looks like:

If an influencer accepts the offer they will move onto the next step where we will collect information from them that is needed for the campaign. We can collect sizing information, shipping information, custom note fields, and anything else that pertains to the campaign.

Next, the influencer will wait for Shipment Notification. For this step the campaign manager will input tracking information into the dashboard for that user. Navigate to the Management page in the Campaigns sub-menu, locate the influencer in the table that appears and click the pencil icon to edit the field for Shipping Tracking #:


Enter the tracking # for the influencer's shipment and then press the Enter key on your keyboard:


Next, manually move the influencer to the "Product Shipped" step which will send them an email with their tracking information. Click the dropdown button in the "Status" column and select Move to: Product Shipped:

After you send the shipping information, the next part of the workflow would be to send all posting information to the blogger. On the Management page, click the dropdown button in the "Status" column and select Move to: Write a Post:

This will send out the Posting Information email which includes all requirements, hashtags, deadlines, and marketing collateral the blogger will need to complete the campaign. This email will also include a personalized link to their dashboard where they can review these requirements and also submit their work.

When the influencer visits this page in the Influencer Hub, there will be missing field icons shown until they paste the appropriate link into each section, thus completing their content requirements:


Once the influencer has completed their assignment they will show on the Management page with a status of Post Submitted. Once you review that they have indeed submitted everything we’ve requested and hit all the correct talking points, hashtags, or other requests you can move them onward to the next step in the workflow.

The Payment Details step sends an email to the influencer asking them to enter their billing information. We collect their full name, billing address, and email address here so we can best reach them if there is an issue with the payment. Once this is complete they will have a new status of Payment Details Submitted.

Next, we process payment for the influencers. In order to do so we move the influencers from Payment Details Submitted to the Generate Invoice step. This sends the campaign information and influencer billing information through to our payment processing system. Once the data has been sent over you will see a Bill ID number for that influencer on the Management page:

Once you have generated an invoice and approved the invoice you can move the influencer onto the Completed step.

Other Steps to be aware of:

  • User Declined Invitation: When an influencer declines a campaign offer.
  • Invitation Expired: When the invitation for a project is no longer functional/open.
  • Cancelled: When an influencer is removed from a campaign by their choice or the client's.


Managing Activations

When managing activations use the filters to view influencers in each step. As some steps are not automatic, it’s important to check in and make sure the campaign is moving along. You may need to reach out either in group emails or individual emails to your influencers to keep the campaign moving along.

You can easily view all influencers in a particular step within the management dashboard of any campaign. By using the Filters section on the right side in an individual campaign you can select any step and filter the results down to those in that step currently. This is also a great place to get a bird’s-eye view of your campaign. Click the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the table to reveal the filters:

Next, select a step name from the list in the "Filters" widget and then click the Filter button:


You can select all users (by clicking the top checkbox on the table header) or a select few by using the clickable boxes to the left of the name column in the table:

To move multiple selected users to a particular step, look for the "Actions" widget on the right side of the page. Click the Advance To... button and select a step from the dropdown that appears:


If you need to move an influencer back a step or have any issues please contact our support team.

You can monitor the stats of any campaign during or after the campaign is complete. For more information, see the help document for Reporting - Campaign Report.