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How do I see the audience analysis in my Creator Dashbaord?

What is Audience Analysis?

The Creator Hub aims to help you create and grow your community, whether it's a side hustle or a professional pursuit. When you join the network, you receive access to a range of detailed analyses across all your social media accounts. 

These charts will help you understand who your followers truly are and support you to make a content strategy that should improve your following and engagement. 

How Do You Access Your Audience Analysis?

First, make sure that your social media accounts are connected to the platform. 

Check your profile completion in "Edit Profile". 

Follow the steps on the left to connect your social media accounts. 

Once you have connected your social media accounts, refresh the page and you should see a "Meet Your Audience" section on your home page. 

You can click on the green prompt to see your tailored audience analysis. 

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible to access your audience analysis in your Creator Dashboard, you must give the platform permission to analyze your social media content by connecting your accounts to your profile. Currently, the audience analysis reports work best for creators with at least 500 followers on any social media platform, with few exceptions. Don't be discouraged if you don't see the audience analysis after you connect your social media accounts. We're consistently working hard to improve the experience and make sure that you receive the best experience with the platform as you grow your content.