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Navigating the Dashboard

The ContentMetric dashboard navigation is structured in a way to help you easily find common tasks and help you stay organized. On the left side of the dashboard you will see the main navigation bar, which is laid out in the following way:

: Dashboard overview page providing some general performance statistics and a chart that shows captured audience over time for your latest campaign.

Campaigns: This is where you will likely do most of your work. Here you can find all of your brand's campaigns and manage the influencers contributing to those campaigns. This section of the dashboard is also where you can find all of the content and performance reporting for every one of your campaigns.

: View, recruit and organize influencers for your brand's entire channel. This section is not specific to any particular campaign, but rather a place to access information about any user that has ever worked with you. You can also access the influencer rate card here which breaks down the general costs you can expect for content submitted by every tier of influencer.

: View and manage all of the content that has been contributed to your brand's campaigns. This content includes blog posts, social media posts, post drafts, images and videos.

: All of the performance statistics, charts and reports for your brand's influencers and campaigns. You can also find the payments ledger here to view details about any payments that have been made to influencers you've worked with.

: A hub for communicating with your influencers and fellow team members.

: Customize the general settings for your brand's dashboard. (Note: individual campaign settings can be customized by visiting the Campaigns section of the dashboard and then selecting a specific campaign).

: A toolbox where you can store links to the pages you visit most in the dashboard.

Notifications: Lists all events, milestones and general activity that has occurred for any of your brand's campaigns. This is a convenient way to stay up to date on influencer activity and campaign progress.

Sign Out: Click this link to end your current session in the dashboard.