What if I don't/can't complete a campaign?
Failure to complete campaign requirements on time may result in forfeiture of co... more
The product is not a good fit/I don't want to do the post.
If you no longer want to participate in a campaign respond to the original invit... more
My profile info is outdated.
You can update your profile information by signing in to your dashboard. Keeping... more
How campaigns work?
Campaigns start with an email invitation from a brand. Read the content to learn... more
How do I apply to a campaign?
There are two types of campaigns: public and private. If a campaign is public yo... more
When/how do I get paid?
We issue payment in net 45 days from the time you submit your work to the dashbo... more
How do I know if I've been selected for a campaign?
If you have been accepted into a campaign you will receive a confirmation email ... more
How are influencers selected for campaigns?
Brands select influencers across a combination of factors, including reach, cont... more
Influencer Services Agreement
This Influencer Services Agreement (this “Agreement”), dated as of the date of C... more