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Sending Mass Emails

Most of the emails sent from your dashboard will be automated emails relating to campaigns; Influencers will receive campaign invitations, reminders, status updates, payment notifications, deadline notices, and so on.

However, it's also possible to send emails manually to individual users or groups of users, in a manner similar to email marketing tools.

Navigate to your Email Inbox and click the Compose link at the top of the page:

There are three ways to add recipients to this email:

  1. Using the "to" field's autocomplete.
  2. Manually entering an email in the "to" field.
  3. Using the address book.

Using Autocomplete

If your intended recipient is a user on the platform -- that is, an influencer or creator -- simply start by typing their name or email address. A dropdown with autocomplete suggestions will appear; either click on a suggestion or use your arrow keys and hit enter. 


The recipient name will then appear in the To field:


Manually Entering an Email Address

If the intended recipient is not yet a member of your brand dashboard, you can type in their email address manually. Simply type in their correct email address and then hit Enter or Tab to add them as a recipient. If you did it correctly, you will see their email address repeated twice in the To field. 


Using the Address Book

If you need to send an email to hundreds or thousands of people, use the Address Book.

You can Select All your brand creators here; or, more commonly you can use the Search and Filters to select a specific List to include. Make sure to hit "Search" after selecting a list.

You can then choose "Select All", and all members of that list will be included in the To field, in addition to any other recipients you have specified.

Make sure the subject and body of the message look good, then hit send!

Recipient Subscription Preferences

In order to comply with regulations, mass emails are protected by subscription controls given to the recipient. The rules are as follows:

  • If you specify more than one recipient, then the recipients' subscription preferences will be honored. For example, if 5 people of a 40-recipient email message have unsubscribed, then only 35 emails will be sent, even if the "To" field shows 40 recipients.
  • If you specify only one recipient, then the recipient's subscription preference will be ignored. This is akin to manually and personally emailing someone. It is up to you to behave responsibly in this case and not annoy recipients with unsolicited messages.