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Exporting Campaign Reports and Data

There are three ways campaign data can be exported from the system:

  • Export Campaign Report Excel File (or tab-separated values)
  • Export Campaign Report Powerpoint File
  • Export Campaign Activations Data

The first two export types both involve campaign report data, that is, the final statistics and metrics from your campaign. The Campaign Activations data export, on the other hand, exports the full metadata related to activations and their current status in a campaign. 

You can find all three export options on the Campaign -> Manage page, by clicking the download icon:

Export Campaign Activations Data

This feature is most useful when a campaign is still active. Imagine you're running a campaign that involves product sampling: influencers choose a product they'd like to sample, enter their shipping address, receive the product from you, and then post their product review on their blog or social media.

In this case, you (the brand), are responsible for shipping the product to the influencers. The easiest way to get the influencers' product selections and shipping addresses is to use the Download Activations to Excel tool. This spreadsheet contains one row per activation (where an activation is one influencer in a campaign), and the columns represent all the various pieces of data and status flags related to that activation.

Export Campaign Report Excel File

This feature is most useful when a campaign has been completed or is nearly close to complete, and all social content has been submitted by the influencers. This excel file contains several tabs, showing overall campaign stats, campaign stats over time, stats on individual activations, stats on individual pieces of content, and audience metrics. This file therefore contains all the performance stats we've collected during the campaign, but doesn't contain all of the various influencer-provided data points that the activations export does.

This feature is best used by brand managers who want a granular view of all data relating to a campaign, and who want to run their own calculations and formulas to derive additional metrics.

Export Campaign Report Powerpoint File

This feature is most useful when a campaign has been completed. You will receive a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation that graphically represents some select stats and content by the influencers in your campaign. There will be a few top-level slides at the beginning and end of the presentation, and the main content of the presentation includes one slide per completed activation. 

Unlike other products and tools which generate "fake" Powerpoint presentations (where each slide is just a static image), our Powerpoint exporter creates a real, editable Powerpoint file. Therefore, many brand managers edit the Powerpoint export after downloading it to change fonts, colors, branding, and formatting, so that the presentation looks like something generated internally.