Payment is an important step in any campaign. We suggest processing payment within net 45 days of campaign completion. This means we try to have the payment sent to bloggers 45 days from when they submit their links/content for a campaign. Similarly, we suggest not moving influencers onto the payment steps until you are certain that they have fully completed the requirements of a campaign.

An influencer's check date is generated when they finish submitting their posts or requirements for a campaign. That date will be used as the check payment due date. You may have other steps in your campaign after an influencer submits their post. Typically after an influencer has submitted their content they will move onto the Payment Details step where they will put in their payment name and billing address. Once an influencer has completed their payment information they will be shown as "Payment Details Submitted" in the Activations table.

To stay organized, we suggest waiting until all influencers have completed the workflow before processing payment. When you are ready to process payment for your campaign you will move your influencers to the Generate Invoice step.

Once they have been generated, influencer invoices will automatically be scheduled for payment. Checks not cashed within 90 days will be void and have to be re-sent. For international payments please contact support, as international checking is not supported automatically.

Campaign Budgeting

Payments are also vital to consider when launching a campaign. To manage your budgets per campaign and review your costs and balance sheet for multiple campaigns, find the Credit Balance section at the bottom of your dashboard homepage and click the link that says View Payment Ledger:

For optimal management take advantage of all of the filters available to you. You can display specific combinations of influencer groups such as influencers who either accepted or declined offers, pending offers and payments owed.