Concepts and Overview

The Tidal Labs platform is a full-stack influencer marketing suite. It manages profiles, logistics, workflows, content, and reporting for your various influencer marketing efforts.

What is an Influencer?

The Tidal Labs platform does not need to be used to manage "influencers" in the traditional sense -- meaning, it doesn't just manage social media influencers. You'll often see us refer to influencers by other terms, like "Creator", "Brand Advocate", or simply "User". All terms are accurate.

Our product works by managing relationships and workflows with large groups of users, whether you're using them for traditional social influencer marketing, asking them to generate content, or simply polling and surveying them.

What are Campaigns?

Campaigns are the main interactive piece of the Tidal Labs platform. A campaign can represent an influencer marketing project, a content collection process, or an ongoing content or workflow-driven effort.

Influencers are "Activated" into a Campaign, at which point the Influencer will interact directly with the "Influencer Dashboard" in order to fulfill the requirements of the specific campaign. The Campaign's settings determine what the Influencer will be asked to do, whether that's try out a product and write a review on their blog, promote content on Instagram, or create and upload high-resolution photography for you.

How is Tidal Labs different from any other CRM?

In most CRMs, you (the "manager", "admin", or "customer") are responsible for creating users and keeping their information up to date. On the Tidal Labs platform, however, we prefer first-party data, meaning that it's the Influencers (or "users") themselves that are responsible for maintaining their accounts.

Your influencers get their own dashboard and are asked to complete their profiles by uploading profile pictures, connecting social accounts, and filling in demographic details.

It is possible to create and maintain user accounts directly on the platform, but doing so misses the purpose of the platform, which is to create and maintain genuine, high-quality relationships with your influencers, creators, and brand advocates. Having the influencer directly involved in the effort makes everything go smoother.

For this reason, we don't call ourselves a CRM, but rather a "Social CRM".

How do Influencers join my brand dashboard?

When you create a dashboard on the Tidal Labs platform, you actually get two dashboards: the first is your "management" dashboard, which is where you (the manager or brand representative) do your daily work. But there's also a "contributor" dashboard that you can direct influencers to in order to create and manage your account. 

If your management is located at, for example,, then there will be a corresponding Influencer dashboard located at You can post the influencer dashboard link to your social media, send it out in email newsletters, or use any other method to get influencers to join your brand dashboard.

What else can the platform do?

As a full-stack marketing platform, we have loads of functionality. In general, the main components are: 

  • Influencer profiles, aka "the Social CRM", which can:
    • Allow you to email the user
    • Collects social, demographic, and audience data on any social network the user has connected
    • Track past campaign performance history
    • Allow you to rate, organize, and share users
  • Campaigns, which can:
    • Collect blog or social content from users
    • Collect direct image uploads or video uploads from users
    • Automatically send transactional emails to activated users based on their campaign progress
    • Track the shipment of product samples or coupon codes to users
    • Issue payments to users after they've completed their requirements
    • Collect stats and generate reports on campaign performance
  • Emails and Communication, which:
    • Collects messages from influencers into a combined email inbox
    • Allows you to bulk email groups of influencers, similar to any email marketing tool
  • Content Management, which:
    • Collects posts, images, and videos submitted to your dashboard by influencers in campaigns
    • Allows you to export images and videos as assets
    • Can power a custom microsite or hosted site based on your influencers and content (Enterprise plans only)
  • Reporting, which:
    • Generates reports on your influencer profiles (ie, user-level reporting)
    • Generates reports on your campaigns and their performance
    • Allows you to create custom reports that can be shared online (Advanced and Enterprise plans only)