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Discovering & Managing Users 101

The Users Dashboard is where you can view, recruit and organize influencers for your brand's entire channel. This section is not specific to any particular campaign, but rather a place to access information about any user that has ever worked with you. In the top navigation you will find the following choices:

  • My Creators (default view, explained below)
  • Discover (find new influencers to work with)
  • Recruit (Displays the Recruiting Pipeline to track the progress of bringing in new creators)
  • Lists & Smartlists (tools for organizing your users)
  • Create User (manually import a user into your network)
  • Rate Card (table of influencer pricing by tier / content type)

Additional functions include:

The default view for this page shows you Your Creators. These are all of the users associated with your channel, which includes:

  • Any of your brand's owned users
  • Any users who have been activated into a campaign
  • Any users with administrative access to the dashboard

The various columns in this table provides a high-level overview of each user, so we recommend you take some time to familiarize yourself all of the available data. To view more information about any user, simply click on their name or avatar. You can also access the user's detailed view by clicking the Full Profile button:

To activate users into a campaign, select one or more of the checkboxes on the left side of the table and then click on the Activate Creators button at the top of the page:

In the pop-up that displays, select a campaign from the dropdown list and then click Activate Users:


Adding users to a list follows a similar process: select one or more of the checkboxes on the left side of the table and then click the Add Selected to List button. In the pop-up that displays, select the list you wish to add these users to and then click the green button at the bottom:


On the right-hand side of the table there are some more tools to help you customize and navigate the Users table: