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Campaign Creation & Budgeting


A typical campaign requires 4 weeks from invitation to content submission.

To set the timeline for your campaign, work backwards from when you would like the post to go live. Allow time for:

  • Influencers creating content
  • Product shipping
    • Include time to order products internally
  • Influencers responding to the invitation
    • Questions, payment negotiation, etc

If your campaign includes draft approvals remember to allow additional time.

You can set a specific post date, or a time-dependent one (e.g. +2 weeks). Time dependent deadlines accrue from when the influencer is moved to “write a post”.

Do not assume that everyone you invite will be available to participate. Over-invite to make sure you get enough affirmative responses.



Be very clear about messaging:

  • What is the brand/product message
  • What are the campaign/audience goals
  • Are there specific call-outs or talking points
  • What are the influencer deadlines/deliverables

Provide visuals as often as possible. Where possible provide product information via pdfs or site links; as well as links to example images or content.

The invitation email is the first message influencers will see when they learn about the campaign. This message should include:

  • Description of the product and theme of the campaign
  • Products being gifted
  • Campaign requirements
  • Any guidelines or creative direction
  • Setting an RSVP due date is optional.


Budgeting & Payment

We have guidelines for how much to offer influencers. You can absolutely choose if and how much you offer, but keep in mind that some people might write back to ask for more.

If you’re gifting products,  be sure to account for gifting costs in your internal budget. You can:

  • send influencers pre-determined products
  • provide products for them to choose from,
  • provide a gift card/voucher to buy products on their own.


Be clear about the remuneration. What will the influencer earn?

  • Money
    • Check, direct deposit or Paypal
  • A chance to win
    • Submitting to enter a contest
  • Gift basket or gifted items
  • Gift card
  • Nothing
    • product gifting is the compensation


Next Steps

Action Items

  • Draft a campaign invitation (see sample, next slide)
  • Make sure your influencer list has twice the number of people you want for your campaign
  • Once the invitation is out, check the dashboard for email replies


Best Practices

  • Don’t micromanage the content or requirements.
    • The less creative control an influencer feels the less interested they’ll be in the campaign
  • When choosing influencers think about your campaign goals - reach, engagement percentage, or type/quality of content?
    • Some influencers create gorgeous content but have smaller followings
    • Some influencers have smaller followings but high engagement
    • Some influencers have high reach but low engagement
  • Once influencers have the product in hand, we recommend a minimum of 2 weeks to post
    • Sometimes 3 weeks for food, decor, and DIY.