Discovering Influencers

Now that you're ready to begin your campaign, you'll need the right influencers for the project. The next step is to discover which influencers you would like to work with. 

To discover users, log into your dashboard and click "Users" in the main menu and click Discover in the sub-menu:

Scroll through the users to find influencers or use one of the search widgets on the right side of the page:

To select an influencer, just select the checkbox to the left of their profile picture. Once you have selected your influencer(s) click on the "Add to List" button. From the dropdown that appears, select the user list that you wish to add them to. 


Searching and Filtering

Your options for filtering users are located in the Search widget, in the sections called "Community", "Demographics and Content", and "Social". Click on the arrow next to one of these sections to expand it and see the options available to you:


To sort users by a particular criterion just select either the ascending or descending arrow next to it:


Creator Statistics

Another useful tool when searching for creators and building lists is the User Search Statistics. This tool allows you to view the performance statistics of a group of creators depending on the filters you have set. Please note that the statistics generated captures max 2,000 creators at a time.