Shipping Product Samples

If you are sending product samples to influencers for a campaign, you can add "product shipping and tracking" in your campaign workflow in the campaign settings

Under the "Logistic" tab, check the "Send Product Sample" box to automatically include product shipping and tracking in your workflow.

When this box is checked, the influencer will be asked to provide their shipping address, choose product sample, and track shipment in their campaign interface. 

To view and manage product shipping and tracking status, go to campaign management dashboard and view the details in the "Gifting & Payment" tab as shown in the screenshot below.

Shipment Status

Once you ship product samples to influencers, update the tracking number in the dashboard by clicking the pencil icon. The "Product Shipped" column will automatically update to "Yes" when a tracking number is provided. 

The influencer can view the tracking number and confirm receipt in their dashboard: