Return on Investment

In the Return on Investment tab you can see your Estimated Media Value (EMV), Cost and Return over Time and ROI by individual influencers.

All brands prioritize slightly different metrics and so our dashboard enables you to customize the parameters that the EMV is measured by. Select the three horizontal bar icon next to the download icon in the top right. When you click into "Customize EMV Parameters" a drop down menu of options will appear where you can increase and decrease the value of specific platforms. This data is illustrated in the first pie chart to the top left. Please avoid adjusting these EMV parameters frequently, we advise setting them at the very beginning and keeping them consistent throughout the campaign, because otherwise the data will be captured differently and line graphs over a time axes will be inconsistent.

Cost and Return over Time graph typically shows a healthy increase day by day and if you hover the cursor over points of the graph it will identify what date and the exact values that were recorded that day.

Finally, the "Return on Investment, by Influencer" section allows you to review the performance of each influencer all together and by tier. This could be an important space to review when considering who to include on future campaigns. Use the tabs at the top of this table to see ROI for influencers by tier, and you can also hover over any row to see additional metrics related to that influencer.