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Managing the Inner Circle Forum

The Inner Circle is an optional message board feature for your influencers. If enabled, your Influencer Hub dashboard will show the Inner Circle and allow influencers to post threads and replies under any number of topics that you can create via the Management dashboard.

Enabling The Inner Circle


You can enable or disable the Inner Circle via Settings / Influencer hub. Enabling the Inner Circle will make it appear immediately in the Influencer Hub dashboard:

Adding Managers

In order to view and manage the Inner Circle from the Management dashboard you must also give a manager the "Manage Inner Circle" permission.  You can do this under Settings / Administrators.

Creating a Topic

When you enable the Inner Circle for the first time you should create at least one Topic that users can post under. Do this from the Users / Inner Circle page. Note that you must have "Manage Inner Circle" permission to do this.

Moderating Posts and Replies

Any manager with "Manage Inner Circle" permission can show or hide individual threads or replies. Visit Users / Inner Circle, then navigate into any topic.