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Quickstart: Importing Influencers and Activating Them

Want to get started by importing influencers from a spreadsheet and then activating them into a campaign? Follow this quickstart guide!

  1. First, follow the instructions in How to Import Users from a Spreadsheet.
  2. Next, create your campaign with all the appropriate settings.
    1. It's a good idea to enable the Add "Complete Profile" Step in your campaign settings (in the Logistics pane). This will force your imported users to flesh out their profiles by connecting social accounts, filling out their bios, and adding other data that may not have been part of your import.
    2. It's also a good idea to include some copy in your Invitation email template explaining that you're now using the Tidal Labs platform, and that all their campaign work should be completed via their influencer dashboard. 
  3. From the Campaign Setup Wizard, or from the Campaign "Add Users" tool, or from the imported list, select the users you want to invite to the campaign and then click the Activate Users button. (If viewing from the list, this is under Actions -> Activate Users). 
    1. Make sure to set payment amounts before inviting users, otherwise, the invitation email will not display your payment offer! To do this correctly, either disable the "Invite after Adding" checkbox, or fill in the Payment Amount when you add the users.
  4. Best practice: before sending campaign invitations to other users, send an invitation to yourself so you can test the workflow.
  5. Set payment amounts for your activations, then click Invite.
  6. Be sure to check on your campaign's status daily so you can respond to influencers' questions or concerns!