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Technical Details

Embedded Dashboards
We have many different ways for users to interact with the Tidal Labs platform. ... more
API Access
The entire Tidal Labs platform and dashboard ecosystem is API-driven. If you are... more
Hosted Content Destinations
One major aspect of the Tidal Labs platform is our hosted content destinations a... more
Audit Trails and Interaction History
Most actions that users or administrators can take within the Tidal Labs platfor... more
GDPR Compliance
Tidal Labs as an organization is compliant with GDPR as well as CCPA regulations... more
Encryption and Personal Data
We use multiple layers of encryption and security to keep users' personal data s... more
Integrating Single-Sign-On
What is Single Sign-On? Single Sign-On, or "SSO", is an authorization scheme t... more
Hosting on Your Own Domain
Your brand and superuser dashboards are assigned a subdomain like https://brand.... more