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Hosting & Integrating on Your Own Domain, Launching Content Destinations

Your brand and superuser dashboards are assigned a subdomain like https://brand.tid.al by default. However, with a small amount of technical work on your end, you can use a vanity domain like https://yourprogram.brand.com, or even https://yourprogram.com.

To set this up you will need to update your domain's DNS records. You should contact Tidal Labs support so that we can give you the appropriate DNS records to use for your brand portal. The easiest path forward is to create a subdomain under your brand's domain (ie, create yourprogram.yourbrand.com), then create a DNS "nameserver" record that assigns control of the subdomain to Tidal Labs. Assigning nameserver records to us allows us to not only manage the routing of your subdomain, but also the TLS certificate that enables secure browsing via https. Once you create the nameserver record, you won't have to do any further DNS or certificate management to keep your brand portal running smoothly.

If your organization's IT policies do not allow you to assign nameserver records to a third party, you can still create a "CNAME" record for your desired subdomain; however, in this case, you will also need to cooperate with us on a periodic basis to create and maintain the TLS security certificate. You can either obtain the certificate yourself and transfer it securely to us, or we can use our certificate mechanism to create the record, but you will need access to your domain's catch-all email inbox in order to verify the certificate issuance.

In either case, we will automatically load-balance requests to your brand portal and ensure uptime as per our standard service level agreement.

Embedded Dashboards

We have many different ways for users to interact with the Tidal Labs platform. In a typical use-case, users interact with our superuser hub. In a fully customized and bespoke use-case, users may interact with a custom hosted content destination. In other cases, especially those where an integration with an existing content destination or property is desired, brands can make use of our Embedded Experiences.

Our embedded toolset is a collection of JavaScript libraries that can be quickly integrated with any third party website builder or content system, like Wordpress or Adobe Experience Manager. Through our Embedded Experiences, brands can quickly implement custom and powerful workflows for their visitors with a minimal set-up time. The interactions flow into the Tidal Labs management dashboard in real-time.

Hosted Content Destinations

One major aspect of the Tidal Labs platform is our hosted content destinations and content management system. Unlike other content management systems, the Tidal Labs CMS is fully integrated with our powerful user profiling and social connectivity. This allows us to quickly create beautiful and bespoke content destinations with advanced user-generated content functionality.

Our hosted content destinations are custom-designed and built to spec; however, because the management interface is the Tidal Labs dashboard, our time to launch is typically very quick, as we only need to implement the front-end design on top of our existing component-based management system.

Hosted content destinations are designed to scale from zero to millions of visitors per month, with our standard service level agreement for uptime and availability.