Creating a Survey

The Influencer Hub can host simple surveys and collect responses from influencers. This simple tool turns your influencers into a focus group. It is also a valuable way to gain insight into your influencers, the types of content they produce, how they feel about your product or brand, what events they participate in, and anything else that can be broken down into questions and answers.

Create a Survey

From your dashboard, navigate to the Campaigns page and click the "Create a Campaign" button:

Give your campaign a name and select Simple Survey from the "Campaign Style" dropdown. When finished, click the Save button:

Add Questions and Response Choices

From your campaign's dashboard, click Templates in the Campaigns sub-menu:

In the template editor, locate the template called "Survey Page" (most likely near the top of the template editor page). Here you will see a Preview window on the left side and a Template Content widget on the right side. In the Template Content widget, click the Edit Form link:

The form builder window has several components, but you will be doing most of your work in the "Design Form" section:

To edit an existing question in the survey form, hover your mouse over the question and click the pencil icon that appears:

An editor panel will expand where you can change things like the question's text, help text, a placeholder, and the available answers that a user can choose from:

To add components to your form, simply click and drag it to the position you would like it to appear in the survey:

Once you are finished editing the survey form, click the "Save Form" button:

Influencer Experience

Your survey will appear on the dashboard page of your Influencer Hub.

Viewing Results

Survey responses are collected and displayed on the "Dashboard" submenu of your survey campaign.