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Using Campaign Email Template Tags

The Campaign Copy & Communication settings section allows the use of special tags that can inject information into the various email and content templates. This page describes the most commonly used tags available to the template system.

Campaign Tags

Use the tag {% raw %}{{campaign.name}}{% endraw %} to inject the Campaign's name into an email subject or body.

User Tags

Use the tag {% raw %}{{user.name}}{% endraw %} for the activated user's full name; {% raw %}{{user.first_name}}{% endraw %} to inject their first name only, or {% raw %}{{user.email}}{% endraw %} to inject their email address.

Payment Details

Use the {% raw %}{{payment_offered}}{% endraw %} tag to inject the payment amount into an email template. You can also wrap this in a conditional, that is, make the email template only show a line of text if a payment amount has been set. To use payment amount conditionally, do something like the following: 

{% raw %}{% if payment_offered %}
This text will only appear if a payment amount has been set and is greater than $0. 
You are being offered ${{payment_offered}}.
{% endif %}{% endraw %}

Don't forget to include the {% raw %}{% endif %}{% endraw %} closing tag. Neglecting to close the "if" statement will break the email template.

Note: the extra "$" in front of {% raw %}{{payment_offered}}{% endraw %} above is a literal dollar-sign. The {% raw %}{{payment_offered}}{% endraw %} tag will output the payment amount as a plain number; to format it like a dollar, the dollar sign is required in front.

Content Requirements

A fast and easy way to inject a bulleted list of content requirements into an email (eg, 1 Instagram post, 2 Twitter posts) is to use the tag {%raw%}{{content_requirements|raw}}{%endraw%}. Do not forget the "|raw" portion, otherwise, the bulleted list will appear as raw, unformatted HTML.

Similarly, you can inject the entirety of the original invitation copy by using the {%raw%}{{invitation|raw}}{%endraw%} tag. This is useful in Invitation Reminder templates when you want to remind the recipient of the original invitation text.


Some email templates, but not all, support injecting deadline dates into the email template. To use these, you will need to have deadlines enabled as well as valid deadline dates set.

In the Invitation and Invitation Reminder templates, you can use {%raw%}{{post_deadline}}{%endraw%} and {%raw%}{{draft_deadline}}{%endraw%} to inject the final post submission and draft submission deadline dates, respectively.

In the Draft Deadline Reminder and Post Deadline Reminder emails, use the {%raw%}{{deadline}}{%endraw%} tag; the {%raw%}{{deadline}}{%endraw%} tag injects the draft deadline date in the Draft Deadline Reminder email and injects the post deadline date in the Post Deadline Reminder email.