My Creators

Owned users are influencers and other user accounts that have interacted with your channel. These are users that you've imported (by uploading a CSV or TSV file) or users that signed up through your branded Influencer Hub. 

To view your owned users, visit the Users dashboard and click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of the table to view the filtering options. In the "Filter by" section, click the List dropdown and select the list titled "My Creators":

Activated Users are those who have been added into the campaign management dashboard. Any user that you wish to invite must first be activated into the campaign.

To see all of your activated users simply visit the Users Dashboard and click Activated Creators in the submenu:

When visiting this page, the default view is a table of all of your Activated Creators. You will notice at the top right hands corner the same options for viewing modes are available as they were for the main Creator Dashboard.


Like other pages in the Users Dashboard, the Activated Users page has a variety of tools that you can use to organize, search, sort and filter your users. The columns that organize this table are all options to sort by clicking the ascending or descending arrows next to the column heading. For example, if you wanted to find creators that have been activated the most and have responded and published the most content for you to build a reliable list of influencers for your next campaign, sort by "Activation". Click on influencer's activation number to expand their profile in a sliding tile view. This view will show an overview of how many campaigns the influencer has been invited to, participated in and completed in addition to then showing how they did in each campaign.


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