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How do I export images?

Campaign managers often need to export images from their campaign content so that it can be used in other marketing endeavors. To get started, navigate to the Campaigns section of the dashboard and click on the campaign you'd like to export images for:

Next, navigate to the "Content" section and click on Images in the Content submenu:

You now have 2 options for exporting images:

1. Direct download for individual images:

2. Export all images to a Dropbox account:

When you click on the "Export to Dropbox" button, you will be prompted to connect your Dropbox account and obtain a code that authorizes our Platform to access your files and folders. Click on the "Get Dropbox Code" button to proceed:

A new window will open in your browser asking you to confirm which Dropbox account you would like to export the images to:

You will then receive your access code:

Copy the access code and return to the Campaign Dashboard. Paste the code into the field that says "Dropbox Code" and click the "Connect to Dropbox" button:

Click on the name of the folder where you would like to download your images:

Finally, click on the "Select Current Folder" button:

Your images will now start downloading into the folder you selected in the previous step: