Managing Drafts

Once influencers are moved to “Submit Draft” they receive a link to a page that looks like this:


Influencers put in the post title, images, and copy. Once they submit the draft, the influencer’s status will change to “draft submitted". Click on “Content” to see their draft post. In the window that opens up ignore the boxes on the right.


After you’ve looked at the post and taken notes, you can close that window. We strongly recommend jotting down any notes, because you will enter them into a separate field later.

If you would like to export posts, you can do so from the "Content" tab of the campaign dashboard. 



Back in the management dashboard, move the influencer to "Request Revisions". Enter any notes you have for the influencer, and click "update and continue".


That will generate an email to the influencer with the text of your revisions. Try to make your revisions as detailed and actionable as possible for minimal back and forth.


Once the influencer submits revisions, their status will revert to “draft submitted”. You can request more revisions, or accept the post.

If you ask for another round of revisions, you must edit the "revisions requested" field in the activation table before moving the influencer to "revisions requested".

Once you are satisfied with the content, move the influencer to "accept draft". The influencer is notified that their draft was approved, and it’s time to make the post live.

***If there are no revisions, move the influencer directly to "accept draft". 

The influencer will publish their blog post and Instagram posts, and then log in to submit their links to the dashboard. The final step is to sit back and watch the stats come in.