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Managing Drafts

In this article you will learn about:

- how to require draft submission for a campaign?

- the difference between long-from post draft vs social post draft

- setting draft due dates

- reviewing, editing, and approving drafts 

Requiring Draft Submission for A Campaign

It's critical for brands that anything public about the brand is correct, and more importantly, in a positive light. To ensure that creators post only content that you approve, add requiring draft submission in the campaign workflow. To read more about campaign settings, go to this article for a step by step guide.

Step 1. Open the campaign in question

Step 2. Click on the gear symbol on the upper right corner to see the settings panel

Step 3. Click on "Content Requirements" 

Step 4. Check the box(es) to add requiring drafts in your campaign workflow 

The difference between "Require Drafts for Long-Form Posts" and "Require Drafts for Social Posts":

  • Choose "Require Drafts for Long-Form Posts" when your creators should deliver blog posts 
  • Choose "Require Drafts for Social Posts" when your creators should deliver social media posts on IG, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, etc.
  • Check both boxes when your creators are required to deliver both blog posts and social media posts. 

Step 5. Set up due date

Enter the due date for draft submission in the "Draft Submission Deadline" box. A calendar pops up for you to quickly choose a date. You may also enter a date by typing the numbers in the box in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Step 6. Save the changes

Once saved, the information will be automated generated in the invitation email to your creators. Creators will see the draft submission deadline when they respond to the offer for collaboration. 

Reviewing, Editing, and Approving Drafts

Once your creator has submitted drafts in the platform, their campaign status will automatically changes to "Drafting Content".

Review Drafts

To review the drafts, go to the "Content" tab in your campaign management dashboard. 

Hover your mouse over a draft and click on the thumbnail image or the title to open the draft. 

Edit Drafts

You can edit the drafts as an admin using the text editor. 

You can also talk to your creator about any edits in the "Comments".

Once your comment is added to the draft as shown in the screenshot below, your creator will receive an email notification in real time asking them to revise the draft. 


Approve Drafts

To approve a draft that you are happy with, open the "Approve" tab above the text editor. Click on the green button "Accept Draft".

The grey bubble next to the draft title will turn green, indicating a green light to post! 

Your creator will receive an email notification letting them know that the draft is approved by the admin, and they can schedule it to go live.