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Campaigns 101
The Campaigns Dashboard is where you can access everything relating to an indivi... more
Campaign setup with Campaign Wizard
The Campaign Wizard is a helpful tool that includes campaign presets to help you... more
Campaign Settings
This article describes the various settings that can be enabled in the Campaign ... more
Activating Influencers
After you've discovered (/hc/en-us/articles/115000249234) which influencers you ... more
Managing Drafts
In this article you will learn about: - how to require draft submission for a c... more
Managing Activations
Now that you’ve activated influencers for your campaign it’s time to get into th... more
Campaign Posts
Now that your campaign is well underway let’s talk about next steps! It’s time t... more
Subcampaigns, also known as nested campaigns, is a tool that helps you better or... more