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Raising and Resolving Issues

Brands and creators can use "issues" to communicate back and forth at any stage and any time during a campaign workflow. When a brand manager raises an "issue" in the platform, the creator will receive an email notification requesting immediate action. Likewise, when a creator raises an issue on their end, brands can catch it in the Campaign Dashboard right away. 

The "Issue" Button 

The issue button is the grey check mark located right below a creator's name and workflow status in the Campaign > Manage >  Overview panel. The grey check mark will change to a red exclamation point when there is one or more open issues with a creator and will change back to a grey check mark when all existing issues are resolved.


Raise an Issue

To raise an issue with a specific creator, click on the grey check mark.

Fill out the "Subject" and "Message" boxes. Choose a pre-programmed issue subject line in the drop-down box or write a "custom subject line". If you choose a pre-programmed subject line, a message will automatically fill the message box. 

Click "Raise New Issue". 

The creator will be notified to take immediate action via email in real time. 


When the creator log in to her/his dashboard, s/he will see in their "To-Dos" that there is an open issue for their attention.

Similarly, if an creator has an issue with the workflow, s/he can raise an issue by clicking "Have an Issue" button and send it to the brand. 


Resolve an Issue

As a brand manager, you can click the issue button to view creator response, add a comment, or mark the issue resolved. 


Likewise, creators can respond to an issue and mark it as resolved on their end.