Campaign Report

The Campaign Report page is where you will find all the data and statistics related to the performance of your campaign. You can find this page by clicking "Stats" in the submenu of your campaign's dashboard:

At the top of the Campaign Report will be a brief summary including the campaign name, start & end dates, and the date the report was generated:

Just below the report summary you will find an array of interactive charts that provide detail about your campaign's performance:

The Most Engaging Content section displays published campaign posts that have good levels of interaction on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Each post card contains some basic information about the post and its author, a chart showing the engagement details and a few admin options. For example, the "Actions" dropdown allows you to mark the post as "Featured Content" or to send an email to the post author. Additionally, if you click on the "Send to" dropdown you will have the option to export that post to a Word Document (.doc):

By default, the Most Engaging Content section displays 4 campaign posts. If you wish to see more, click the "Load More" button at the bottom of this section:

The Featured Content section displays campaign posts that have been marked as "Featured" by a campaign administrator. These post cards contain basic post information such as title, author, distribution channel, engagements count, etc. Just like the "Most Engaging Content" section, there will only be 4 campaign posts displayed by default but you can click the "Load More" button at the bottom to see additional posts:


The Return on Investment tab is where you can find EMV and ROI by Influencer. This table provides a breakdown of the ROI per influencer in your campaign, which is determined by the performance of their post(s). You can filter this table by influencer tier, simply by clicking on the tier name at the top of the table. Additionally, in the top-right corner you can see the average ROI for all of the currently displayed users in the table:


On the other hand, the Creators tab provides information and demographics about the influencers in a specific campaign. It breaks down reach, gender, and tier of the influencer. This tab also illustrates the campaign invitation acceptance rate from different angles in comparison with the platform benchmark data.

The Activated Influencers by Engagements section gives you a sortable table that lists all of the activated influencers who have submitted posts to your campaign. Each row in the table consists of the user's name with a link to their blog, and how their posts performed in terms of social engagement. Any column can be sorted by clicking the ascending/descending arrows at the top, and the entire table can be exported as an Excel document (.xls):