Editing Posts

Community platform administrators can edit posts in the Dashboard on behalf of the creators. 

Edit Content 

Go to the "Content" dashboard to view all posts. 

Select the post that you wish to edit and click on the title. 

In the pop-up window, click "Edit".

You will be taken to a new tab in your browser to make any edits. 

After you've made edits to the post. Save the post. 

You may choose to publish this post or feature it on your landing page. 



In the "Metadata" section, you may edit information about the post, such as the posting date, tags, post slug (a.k.a. post URL), Excerpt, author name, and etc. 


You may change the thumbnail of the post by selecting a different image. 

SEO and Sharing 

You may edit the SEO title and short description for SEO optimization.