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Managing Team Emails

If you are managing a multi-brand or multi-team dashboard that uses our Teams feature, you'll be able to control the email address that is used when sending and receiving emails both for campaigns and for direct emails managed through the dashboard.

Configuring Team Emails

Visit the Settings / Teams page (you may need permission to do this) and click the email address listed for the team you want to update.

All email addresses must end in @tidalmail.com. The sender name must have at least three characters.

Once you update these fields, you will see options to use the team email address in various places in the dashboard. Most significantly, email address options will appear in: campaign settings; the email composer; and the email reply tool.

Note: if a Team email is unset or empty, that Team will use the standard dashboard email address for all communication.


Team Email Inbox

If teams are enabled in your dashboard, the Email Inbox view will show My Team Inbox by default, alongside Main Inbox. The My Team Inbox filter shows emails that were sent to the address listed for any of your teams (teams that you're a member of), as well as campaign communications for any campaigns in your teams.

The Main Inbox, on the other hand, does not filter by teams and will show all emails that your dashboard has received, including emails for other teams.

Important Note: it is important to periodically check the Main Inbox, because creators may be emailing the dashboard's main email address with questions or support requests -- these emails will not appear in the My Team Inbox filter, and can only be viewed in Main Inbox. Be careful not to respond to other teams' messages in this view!

Campaign Email Addresses

When you have teams enabled and configured, you can select the team whose email address you want to use for a campaign's communications. Any emails sent automatically by the campaign (like the invitation email and other status updates) will use the configured team email address.

To change the team email that a campaign uses, first open the campaign in the dashboard and then visit Settings / Basic Campaign Parameters. Select the email address you'd like to use for this campaign and click save.

Note: the first option in the dropdown is always the default email address for your dashboard.


Sending Manual Emails

If you need to send a manual email to a creator or a group of creators, you can also select the email address used for the manual email. When composing an email in Emails / Compose, find the From field and select the appropriate email address from the dropdown.


Replying to Emails

When replying to an email in the dashboard, the email interface will automatically choose the email address that the original message was sent to. However, you can override the email address used to reply to a message by clicking on Show CCs and selecting the email address from the dropdown: