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Custom Leaderboards

Your brand dashboard manages thousands of metrics and data points, and we strive to provide you with beautiful and functional interfaces that you can use to explore and manage that data.

However, some brand programs have such unique needs that no product exists to serve them. In these cases, feel free to reach out to your Tidal Labs account manager and discuss implementing a custom leaderboard!

Our platform is flexible enough that with just a little bit of planning and implementation time, we can build a bespoke analysis engine and custom leaderboard for you or your onboarded users. These are especially useful if your brand is running long-term loyalty or advocacy programs.

Our custom leaderboards can segment rankings by time period (eg, month, quarter, and year), and also permanently record month-end results for export and compliance purposes. In the example below, the leaderboard ranks users by EMV generated by performing brand advocacy actions.