Adding Brand Administrators

You can only add existing platform users as administrators of your dashboard. Therefore there are three possible ways to add an administrator to your account:

If the User Account Already Exists: 

If the intended administrator already has an account on the Tidal Labs platform; that is, they've previously signed in to an influencer dashboard or different management dashboard, simply visit Settings -> Administrators, click Add Administrator, and enter their email address. They will be added as an administrator, and then you will be able to select their permissions within your dashboard.

Direct them to sign up, then add as administrator: 

If you are in regular communication with the intended administrator, it may be easiest to direct them to create an account on your Influencer dashboard first. For example, if your management dashboard is, ask them to create an account at Once they've created their account, add them by following the same directions as given under "If the User Account Already Exists".

Create their account, add as an administrator, then send a password reset link: 

If you would like to add a new user as an administrator and you'd like to only email them once, you can create their account manually, following the instructions in that article to send them a password claim link. Once you've created their account you can add them as an administrator and set their permissions even before they've chosen a password. Use this option if you'd like to set up accounts on behalf of a group of administrators and simply want to send them their password claim links.