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Creator Reporting

The Creators tab identifies the demographics of the creators who participated in the campaign, the invitation acceptance rate by influencers, and the engagements by the platform for each influencer.

The demographic pie charts provide information on social reach by platform, the participant genders, and tier composition.

The invitation statistics, in order from left to right, show the likelihood percent of different groups of creators accepting this campaign invitation in comparison to other campaigns you've run and the platform average:

  1. Percent of invitations accepted out of all creators invited
  2. Percent of invitations that were sent to previously activated creators out of all invitations
  3. Percent of accepted invitations out of the invited previously activated creator
  4. Percent of a new creator accepting an invitation
  5. Percent of previously activated creators out of all accepted invites

In the Activated Creators and Engagements table, you can review each creator and how they performed on specific platforms.