User Detail View

As you browse through your available users in the dashboard you can easily access their full profile, also known as the User Detail View. This will tell you everything you need to know about a particular influencer including their personal bio, social reach, posts, campaign participation, social activity, stats and much more.

You can access user detail views from a few different places in the Users section of your brand's dashboard:

  • Users Dashboard
  • My Creators
  • Discover

Find a user in the table and click either their name or their avatar to show a preview of the user's profile. In the profile preview, click on the Full Profile button to open the User Detail View:

The User Detail View has a lot of information and functionality, so you may want to take some time to become familiar with everything it has to offer.

At the top you will see some basic features such as the user's name, star rating tool, reach numbers and any lists that they have been added to:

In the top right corner of the user detail view you'll notice a few small icons that will come in handy:

The Actions & Tools pop-up menu has several options that are helpful when managing your users. One of the more valuable features here is the Edit Attributes toolbox which allows you to make some quick and easy changes to a user's profile. You can also access this toolbox by pressing Ctrl+E on your keyboard:



Near the top of the user detail view you will notice a navigation bar containing several different tabs. Simply click on any tab to see the relevant content or information associated with the current user.


The Profile tab is a general overview of the user and includes a lot of their basic information such as what tier they're in, price information, demographics, reach numbers, interests and more. At the top is a scrollable section containing their representative images, and at the bottom of the window you'll find a preview of their blog:



The Content tab shows all posts that the user has contributed to the campaigns they've participated in. You can also click on any post title to open the post detail view:



The Social tab displays all of the user's connected social media accounts. Each account is listed with some basic account information, stats and their most recent posts:



The Participation tab shows a breakdown of the user's activity and contributions for each campaign they've been activated into. From this view you can see the user's status in a particular campaign along with the specific posts they've contributed. Clicking the "Manage this Activation" button will take you to their activation record in the associated campaign's activations table:



The Performance tab shows you the user's overall performance score, which is based on a number of different factors like the user's average content rating, how many campaigns they've participated in, their average ROI, and much more. Hover your mouse over any of the different score bars to see details about that specific performance factor.



The Communication tab is where you can view all email messages associated with the user. The email table has a group of sub-tabs you can use to view the user's inbox, their sent messages and any archived messages. You can also compose a new email message for this user if you wish to do so:



The Interests tab shows a bar chart with all of the user's associated interests. These interests are grouped into larger categories such as General, Places, Brands, etc. Click on one of the interest groups to expand it and see all of the specific interests that the user has an affinity for. You can also hover your mouse over any of these interests to see whether or not the user has a low, medium or high affinity level in terms of the content they typically create:



The Lists tab shows you a table of all the different lists that the current user belongs to. Here you can see the user's score they were given in a particular list, how many total users belong to that list and any additional notes that might be relevant. To view any of the lists in this table, click on the list name. 



The last tab in the user detail view is the Stats tab, consisting of several charts that illustrate different things like what type of posts they create, how well their content performs and a breakdown of where their audience is located: