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Where do emails come from?

Your Email Inbox tool collects emails from two primary sources: direct messages from influencers to your dashboard's support address, and replies to emails sent to influencers via campaigns.

About Direct Messages from Influencers

When you set up your brand dashboard you'll be asked to choose a support email address; these email addresses always end in "@tidalmail.com". Let's say you choose mybrand@tidalmail.com. Any time anyone emails that address, their message will appear in your dashboard Email Inbox.

The sender does not need to be a user ("Influencer" or "Creator") on the platform in order to email you at this address. The address will collect any emails it receives into the Email Inbox, where you can organize, read, and reply to them. In this sense, the Email Inbox works just like any other email service. 

If the sender is a user on the platform, the Email Inbox will automatically associate their account with their message.

About Replies to Campaign Emails

When you set up a Campaign in your brand dashboard, a special direct-reply email address is also generated for that campaign. If your primary support address is mybrand@tidalmail.com, then the special direct-reply address might be something like mybrand+abcdefg1234@tidalmail.com. Any messages sent to that special address will automatically appear in your Email Inbox and automatically get sorted into the appropriate campaign. 

Any emails that are sent automatically by the Campaign system (like an Invitation email, a deadline reminder email, and so on), are sent from that special direct-reply address. This lets your activated influencers reply directly to any email they received -- whether manual or automated -- and their message will be correctly sorted into the correct place.