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Your dashboard is equipped with a page that helps you keep track of all influencer posts belonging to any campaign you've ever created. To navigate to this page click "Posts" in the main menu and then navigate to Manage Posts in the sub-menu. By default, this page loads all of your campaign posts in a table view:


On the Manage Posts page, you can use the Quick Filters widget on the right side to see only Posts Needing Moderation, Published Posts, or All Posts. These Quick Filter options may or may not be relevant to your campaign. You may also search your posts using the Search widget below, where you can search by title, tags, or content:

The search widget has many options for finding specific posts or filtering by certain criteria. For example, if you want to only search for featured content in a particular campaign you would check the box next to "Featured Posts", select your desired campaign from the "Campaign" dropdown menu and then click the "Search" button:

If you would like a more visual representation of your posts, you can switch to the Card View:

This view will give you the same Search options on the right side of the page, but now you also have a couple more dropdown menus at the top of the page: one for changing the view style of the posts, and another for sorting them:

Example Search

For this example situation, I’d like to see all posts submitted by the influencer Julie Silvas. I will type her name into the "Written By" search field and then click the "Search" button:

Here you can see that our search pulled over 1,000 of Julie's posts, and that some of them have a status of "Not Submitted" and therefore are not part of our campaign content:

To refine these search results and only show posts associated with our campaigns, we can use the Post Status search option and select "Published Posts" from the dropdown menu. This will pull posts which Julie published and submitted as part of her campaign participation:

Here are the refined search results, displaying only posts by Julie with a status of "Published":

Now I can easily see that Julie submitted 16 posts to our dashboard. We can also visually collect other information about her posts, such as which campaign they were a part of and statistics like engagements or views.