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Managing Users

Custom Profile Fields
In some cases where you want to assign a special ID number or identification inf... more
Custom Leaderboards
Your brand dashboard manages thousands of metrics and data points, and we strive... more
Awarding and Managing Users with Badges
What are Badges? Badges are a smart engagement tool that allows you to interac... more
Rating Influencers
Scoring and rating influencers is a feature of our Lists (/hc/en-us/articles/115... more
User Detail View
As you browse through your available users in the dashboard you can easily acces... more
Recruiting Pipelines
Recruiting Pipelines are a new tool we built to help recruit influencers for bra... more
Activated Users
Activated Users are those who have been added into the campaign management (http... more
Users Dashboard
The Users Dashboard is where you can view, recruit and organize influencers for ... more
Owned Users
Owned users are influencers and other user accounts that have interacted with yo... more
Lists are used to manage and organize influencers that you wish to use for your ... more
Discovering Influencers
Now that you're ready to begin your campaign, you'll need the right influencers ... more
Creating Users Manually
In most cases, it's best to avoid creating users manually and instead to direct ... more
How to Import Users from a Spreadsheet
Sometimes you need to import lots of influencers from spreadsheets. Fortunately,... more