Rating Influencers

Scoring and rating influencers is a feature of our Lists system, which helps you keep influencers organized.

Influencers are scored per list, which allows you to rate someone a "3" on one list but a "5" on a different one -- this is useful when you have different lists that serve different purposes, like candidates for street style campaigns versus candidates for high fashion campaigns.

Scores are averaged for an influencer on a list, so if you rate an influencer a 3 on a list and your coworker rates the same influencer a 5 on the same list, that influencer's score will be 4.

Lists can be connected to campaigns, and we can use your scores to hone the targeting for your campaign.

Rating a Single Influencer

When viewing a list or a users table, you can rate influencers individually using the star rating tool. To rate the influencer, just click the corresponding star. If you want to rate them an "4", click on the 4th star, as below. You should see a checkmark on the 4th star after a short moment:

Additionally, if you click on the user's name to expand their profile in the table and then click the "Full Profile" button, you can provide them with a rating here as well. When the Full Profile view displays, you will find the rating tool at the top of their profile: