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Campaign Settings

This article describes the various settings that can be enabled in the Campaign System. To access settings, click the cog or gear icon at the top-right of the Campaign Management page.

Basic Settings

Campaign Name

The name of your new campaign. It should be short but descriptive, like "Glamour Sheen Launch" or "Summer Styles".

Campaign Slug

This should be an URL friendly version of the campaign name. For example, if your campaign name is "Glamour Sheen Launch" then the slug should be "glamour-sheen-launch".

Short Description

A short (1-2 sentence) description of the campaign. Something like "Review our new Glamour Sheen beauty product as it launches!" would be appropriate.

Campaign Image

Upload an image that represents your campaign.


Assign campaign to a designated team. This will change the email addresses used for campaign communication as well as charge credits to the team ledger.


Content Requirements

Require Drafts for Long-Form Posts

Enabling this setting will require influencers to submit drafts for your review before they can post any public content. "Long-Form Posts" refers specifically to blog posts; if you indicate that two blog posts are required in the campaign, then the influencer will be asked to submit two drafts.

Require Drafts for Social Posts

Enabling this setting will require influencers to submit drafts for each social post they are being asked to publish. If you specify that you want 3 Instagram posts and 2 Twitter posts, the influencer will be required to submit 5 drafts. This number is added to the required drafts for any long-form posts.

Draft Submission Deadline

Enter the due date for draft submission in the "Draft Submission Deadline" box. A calendar pops up for you to quickly choose a date. You may also enter a date by typing the numbers in the box in MM/DD/YYYY format.

Blog Posts Required

Enter the number of posts that the influencer should publish to their blog.

Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc, Posts Required

These fields specify the number of posts the influencer should craft and publish to the relevant social network.

High-Resolution Images Required

Enabling this setting will require influencers to directly upload images to the platform, regardless of any images in blog or social posts that they also may publish. This is useful if you need the original, high-resolution version of images that influencers generate.

Video Uploads Required

Enabling this setting will require influencers to directly upload videos to the platform, regardless of any videos that appear in blog or social posts that they may publish. 



Add 'Complete Profile' Step

If enabled, adds a step that requires influencers to complete missing profile fields.

Automatically Approve Content

Enabling this setting will automatically "Approve" submitted content. The approval system is most relevant if your campaign is set-up to deliver content to a third party, like Olapic or Wordpress. If that is the case, only approved content will be delivered to the third party. If you are not delivering content to any third parties, it is best to Enable this option.

Use Cash Payments

Enabling this setting will enable various payment-related tools and enable payment-related steps in the campaign workflow. Enable this setting any time you wish to pay influencers for their participation. 

Total Budget

Only appears if "Use Cash Payments" is enabled. Enter the total budget for influencer payouts for this campaign. This amount will be used to track your total offered and accepted payments when you assign payment amounts to influencers.

Collect Payment Details

When this box is checked, your creators will be asked to complete their payment information as a step in the campaign workflow. Uncheck the box only is you have have a custom payment workflow outside of the tidal platform. 

Send Product Samples

Enable this setting if your campaign involves sending product samples to influencers. This will enable various tools related to selecting product samples and tracking shipment of products to influencers. 

Product Catalog

Only appears if "Send Product Samples" is enabled. If you want influencers to select their product samples from a catalog, choose the product catalog here. If you don't choose a catalog, but "Send Product Samples" is enabled, you will still be able to track shipments for influencers. This is useful if all influencers will receive the same product sample. If you do choose a product catalog, the influencer will be able to select their samples as part of the campaign.

Product Samples Per Influencer

If you have chosen a Product Catalog, this setting controls the number of product samples the influencer is allowed to select.

Gift Coupon Codes to Influencers

Enabling this setting enables various tools and workflow steps to manage the gifting of coupon codes to influencers. 

Waitlist By Default

This setting is only relevant to campaigns that allow influencers to "Apply" (rather than invite-only campaigns). If enabled, new applicants will automatically be Waitlisted.


Use Deadlines

Enable this setting to enforce deadlines for draft submissions and post submissions. Note that all deadlines are also given a "grace period" of several days.

When Deadline is Missed...

Only appears if "Use Deadlines" is enabled. Choose what happens when a deadline is missed. The available options are "Remind only" or "Remind then Cancel". If you choose "Remind then Cancel", the influencer will be sent a reminder email on the due date, and will be canceled after a several-day grace period.

Post Submission Deadline

Only appears if "Use Deadlines" is enabled. Enter the deadline for post submissions.

Draft Submission Deadline

Only appears if "Use Deadlines" is enabled and at least one draft is required.

Collect Additional Data From Influencers

Enabling this setting will require you to set up a custom "Form" that influencers must complete as part of their campaign workflow. This is useful if you need to survey influencers, or collect other information like sizing details from them. You may need to contact support for assistance in setting up a custom form.


Copy & Communication

Content Guidelines

Enter any guidelines you wish to communicate to the influencer when they are crafting their content.

Product Selection Guidelines

Only appears if "Send Product Samples" is enabled. Enter any additional guidelines related to choosing products from a catalog here.

Coupon Code Guidelines

Only appears if "Gift Coupon Codes" is enabled. Enter any additional guidelines related to claiming or using a coupon code here.

Enable / Disable Automatic Emails

You can use these checkboxes to disable any of the automated emails from being sent.

Invitation Email

Customize the subject and message within the Invitation email here. The message will also be displayed in the "Review Offer" screen that influencers see, so make sure it is not too email-specific. You may also select a file to attach to the email here.

Product Shipment Email, Waitlist Email, Payment Approved Email...

Use these sections to customize subject lines and messages for various automated email templates.


Advanced Settings

Start and End Dates

Select start and end dates for this campaign. These are not strictly enforced (unlike Deadlines), but may be useful for organizational purposes. They are also useful if you are using our CMS product to host a public website.

Campaign Tags

Add any tags to this campaign. Most useful if you are using our CMS product to host a public website; tags can be used to control the display and positioning of the campaign on your public site.

Use Custom Contract

Normally, influencers agree to Tidal Labs' Influencer Services Agreement. If you would like influencers to agree to an alternative contract, enable this option and then enter the contract URL in the "Custom Contract URL" field that appears.

Add to Other Campaign When Complete

Enable this option to automatically add influencers to a different campaign when their activation is considered fully complete (ie, both the influencer and the manager have completed their requirements, including approving payment). You can also select the same campaign here, in which case the influencer will be re-activated in the same campaign when they've finished.

Convert to Workflow Campaign

If you are still using our older campaign system and have had a custom workflow developed for you, you can use this option to convert the campaign into the older workflow-style campaign. You should perform this step before adding anyone to the campaign. Once you save this setting you should reload the page, at which point you will be taken to the older interface and can continue the setup process.


Products Management

This section only appears if you enable "Send Product Samples" and you have selected a product catalog. The product catalog you selected will appear here. On this screen you can update the stock amounts for each product. The stock will managed for you automatically. For example, if you update a given product to have 3 units available, and 3 influencers then select that product, the next influencer will see that product as "Unavailable".

You may manually add a product or import a list of products using the buttons shown in the screenshot below.



Coupon Management

This section only appears if you enable "Gift Coupon Codes". Use this section to create or upload your various coupon codes. When managing influencers you will then be able to assign these coupon codes to individuals.