Email Inbox

All communication with your influencers can be handled within the dashboard, specifically the Email section of the dashboard. Here you can view your team's inbox, your inbox, your sent messages and all archived emails:

The Inbox page displays all of your emails in order by date beginning with the most recent one, with each row in the table showing who sent the email, the subject of the email, a status label, the associated campaign and any team(s) in your channel that are associated with the email:


You can change the status label for one or more emails by selecting their respective checkboxes on the left side of the table, and then by clicking the "Mark Selected Emails As" button. Choose the label you'd like to assign to the email(s) from the dropdown that appears:


The search panel allows you to search and filter messages in your Inbox or Outbox in a variety of ways. You can search messages by user, email or subject, filter messages by status or campaign name, and more. Click the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of your email inbox to see this panel:


To view or reply to any email, click on the Subject line of the message you would like to open up. This will open a popup window containing the message's content along with some additional tool panels. To send a reply, scroll down to the bottom of the message until you see the section that starts with "Reply to...":

To include an attachment with your reply, locate the "Attach Files" widget on the right side of the page and choose a file to upload:

In the "Actions" widget, you have the option to forward a message, mark it as spam or change the status of the message:

Above these widgets are a couple more panels that help you stay on top of your email messages. At the very top you will notice a panel titled "This Thread", which lists all messages associated with that particular conversation in descending order. Just below this, you will also find the "Information" panel which contains details about the email and the option to attach the email to a particular campaign: