Recruiting Pipelines

Recruiting Pipelines are a new tool we built to help recruit influencers for brands.

How does it work?

Administrators can import an Excel spreadsheet of influencers from any source, and we will pull demographic and content information from their social sites to populate a dashboard. From this point, you can manage the recruitment workflow by dragging and dropping an influencer card across the panels and tracking/sorting/filtering by their statuses, invitations, and responses.

How can I add new people?

To add an influencer from the "Discover" tool, select the influencer by checking the box left to their profile and clicking the "Recruit" Button up top. 

These influencers will then show up in the "Backlog" column in the "Recruiting" dashboard. 

How do I get suggestions out of the Recruiting Pipeline and into campaigns?

You can invite candidates directly from the Recruit interface into a campaign by clicking the email icon in the "Not Invited" column. 


An email composer will pop up. You can use templates we created for you or write your own message.