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Finding Influencers & Creating Lists


Bulk recruiting

  • Provide a compiled list of Influencers to load via a spreadsheet: Name, Email, Instagram Handle, Additional Social Channel Handles, any custom information
  • Import List of Current Influencers
  • Optional: run a “complete your profile” campaign


Ongoing recruiting

  • Send out a contributor link for Influencers to sign up directly
  • Branding assets required:
    • Branded login url
    • Banner image, logo, colors/CSS




  • Networks are curated lists of influencers, available to everybody who uses Creator Platform.
  • Filter networks by “recently added” to find the newest influencers in the network

Smart Lists

  • Search among lists such as “top  ROI” or “top rated content”.
  • Click "Create List" to start a new list. It can take a couple of hours to populate information.


  • Search by any combination of interest, category, location, social media following, and more.


Next Steps 

Action Items

  • Create an influencer list for your first campaign
  • Use the Discovery methods to populate your list with influencers
  • Score influencers on a scale from 1-5


Best Practices

  • Name your list according to the topic or product you anticipate using it for
  • It’s ok to have multiple people on different lists
  • Influencers don’t see what lists you add them to