Campaign Posts

Now that your campaign is well underway let’s talk about next steps! It’s time to prepare for posts to come into your dashboard. You’ve already sent posting instructions and any other requirements to the bloggers, so the task at hand is to wait for them to receive their items, style, shoot, and write out what they need in order to post.

When an influencer receives their "Posting Instructions" email with the posting instructions there will also be a custom link/url for them to use when they submit their work. This link goes into a custom dashboard that’s specifically for the influencer, and it will show them what they have yet to submit.

Here’s an example email:

Here’s what the influencer's dashboard/submission page looks like:

You can see here that this influencer needs to submit a blog post and 2 Instagram posts for a total of 3 links in order to complete the campaign. This window also shows the posting requirements again for the influencer.

Once an influencer has completed the campaign requirements and submitted what is requested, their status will show as "Post Submitted" in the Management section of your campaign's dashboard. From here you can make sure they have indeed completed what was requested and move them forward in the process:


To see what they’ve submitted you can use either the Metadata tool or the Content dropdown in the activations table. You can also visit the Content section of your campaign dashboard for an additional view of all submitted content.

To use the Metadata tool, click the "Tools" button and then select "View All Metadata" from the dropdown that appears:


To use the Content dropdown, click the button in the Content column for any influencer. From the list that appears, click on one of the posts to view it in more detail:


To visit the Content section of your dashboard, click the Content link in the submenu (next to "Management"). This will load the Posts section by default, where you'll be able to search for the post submitted by your influencer: